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Giga Solar Materials Corp. (GSMC) was previously the “Solar Material Chemical Department” of Gigastorage Corp. Since 2005, the company’s R&D team is under the leadership of Prof. Chen Chi-Jen, working together with Photovoltaics Technology Center of ITRI and Material & Chemical Research Laboratories of ITRI to develop conductive pastes for solar cellsuch as silver paste, silver-aluminum paste and aluminum paste.

After countless experiments, in early 2007, we successfully manufactured aluminum paste which was very well received by the market. The paste has the advantage of high efficiency and low bowing. In 2008, we began to gain market share that had previously belonged to foreign and China players.

In October 2008, we were officially separated (capital and technology) to become a 100% independent subsidiary of Gigastorage Corp. In November the same year, we changed our name to “Giga Solar Materials Corp.” and became an independent-running, professional solar conductive paste manufacturer. We place great emphasis on technology, quality and image. Under the leadership of Chairman, Chen Chi-Jen, and General Manager, Huang Wen-Jui, and a pool of experts from all industries, we reached full capacity production for aluminum, silver-aluminum and silver paste. Our sales, product quality and image have already been widely acknowledged by customers and we are quickly gaining a foothold in the market.
Giga Solar Materials Corp.
1F, No.3, Kung Yeh First Rd.,
Hsinchu Industrial Park, Hsinchu,
Taiwan, R.O.C.
Giga Solar Materials Corp. issued domestic convertible bonds (Convertible Bond) NT $ 1.8 billion.
Giga Solar Materials Corp. issued domestic convertible bonds (Convertible Bond) NT $ 1.8 billion
Publish Dates: 2014/07/25
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2013 PV EXPO- International Photovoltaic Power Generation Expo
Dates: 2013/2/27~2013/3/1
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2013 World Future Energy Summit (WFES)
Place:United Arab Emirates(UAE) , Abu Dhabi
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2012 Taiwan International Photovoltaic Exhibition
Dates: 2012/10/3~2012/10/5
Place: Exhibition: Hall 1, Taipei World Trade Center (TWTC)
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